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MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter

MSSQL to MySQL Database Converter software is effective and easy to use to convert database records from MSSQL database to MySQL format within minimal time. Application conversion tool support all major database data-type, attributes, key constraints, default value while converting database table records from one format to another. Database file converter software supports all major version of the MSSQL and MySQL database server and easily maintains database integrity while converting database from one format to other.

Software allows you to connect MS SQL and MYSQL server locally or remotely. Database converter software provides facility to select schemas automatically or manually. Affordable MSSQL to MySQL Database conversion utility advance feature support to migrate and save converted Microsoft SQL database records at new location.

Connect MS SQL server and MySQL server using SQL server authentication and then click on “Connect” button to establish connection.
Software features
  • Database converter software convert database records created in MSSQL to MySQL database server and facilitate converting selective table’s records or entire database.
  • Automatic database converter tool supports all major database data-types, key constraints, attributes while converting the database records.
  • Easy to use Database migration program is helpful for small and large organization for converting Microsoft SQL database records into MySQL database server as per user requirement.
  • MSSQL to MySQL converter program provide graphical user interface so user can easily understand functionality of the software without knowing any technical skills.
  • Database conversion software is fully capable to convert entire database or selective database table records in easiest way.
  • Software supports all major versions of MSSQL and MySQL database server.